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About us

Since 1999, we have specialized in the production of precision mechanical parts in small series and one-off pieces.

Our structure allows us to provide a complete service, from design support to the production of the finished component.

We process a wide range of materials and carry out treatments and special processes ourselves.

Our customers operate mainly in the industrial automation, electronics and biomedical sectors.

Materials: steel, aluminum, copper and titanium alloys, plastics, composite materials.

Geometries:3-axis and positioned 5-axis milled parts,  plate sizes up to 1500x600mm, round parts from 3mm to 250mm diameter.

Treatments: heat treatments on steel, technical and aesthetic surface treatments on all machining materials.

Tolerances: we specialize in parts with linear tolerances between 0.02mm and 0.05mm.

Different parts produced each month

Average lead time days for customised parts

CNC machining centres

Special parts

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We can perform 3- and 5-axis milling, 3- and 4-axis turning, surface and external diameter grinding, and wire and die-sinking EDM.

We work with selected partners to supply our customer with components including all required heat and surface treatments.

We inspect 100% of our production and provide measurement reports and material certificates when requested.


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We put our experience in mechanical machining at the service of customers facing the development of new mechanical components.

Our technical department can offer assistance on:

  • Definition of production processes;
  • Optimization of parts for production;
  • Selection of materials and treatments;
  • Integration of electronic and pneumatic systems;
  • Production of technical drawings and bills of materials.


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We are able to supply our customers with assembled mechanical groups.

We can handle complex orders and can independently take care of:

  • In-house realization of special components;
  • Realization of parts in cooperation with partner companies (carpentry, sheet metal parts);
  • Purchasing of commercial components;
  • Complete system assembly.

We routinely assemble small assemblies, but we can make machines with a footprint of up to 1m x 1m x 1m.

Plastic moulding

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We have a dedicated section for injection moulding of technical plastic components.
We design and manufacture our moulds in-house according to customer specifications or to our own specifications.
We can make metal inserts for overmoulding connectors or similar components.
We specialise in the production of samples and small series with speed and flexibility, thanks to the integration of the entire process.

Maximum dimensions of moulds that can be used: 450mm x 450mm x 400mm
Maximum weight of parts that can be produced: 120g


Euromec 2000 s.r.l.
Via Torino 10
10010 Burolo (TO)
0125 577327

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